Things That Can Be Prevented With Semi Truck and Trailer Repair Services

4 Consequences of Not Addressing Truck and Trailer Damage

It’s a mistake to think that minor damage to your truck and trailer won’t be a big deal. Even seemingly small damage can have a snowball effect, resulting in serious safety hazards and greater repair costs. Here, we discuss the potential consequences of not addressing truck and trailer damage and why it’s important to call for a reliable semi truck and trailer repair service right away.

Reduced Resale Value

Your truck and trailer are a large investment, and you’ll want to get as much money as possible when you decide to sell. However, buyers generally shy away from vehicles with existing damage, so any dings, dents, or scratches can dramatically reduce your truck and trailer’s resale value.

Unsafe Operating Conditions

Damage to key components like brake, steering, and suspension systems can reduce your truck and trailer’s performance and handling, creating unsafe operating conditions. When these components are compromised, you may experience difficulty steering, wrong-way tracking, and other dangerous maneuvers, putting you and other drivers at risk.

Greater Repair Costs

When small damage is left unaddressed, it often worsens over time. Eventually, the increasing damage may drive up repair costs or require more extensive repairs (like replacing a worn-out part), both of which can be costly.

Costly Lawsuits

Aside from physical injury or damages to your truck and trailer, small damages that are left unresolved can also result in costly lawsuits. If your vehicle is involved in an accident and it’s determined that its damage was not addressed in a timely manner, the other party may be entitled to compensation via a lawsuit.

It’s important to catch truck and trailer damage early and address it right away. Fortunately, Jesse's Truck Repair and Tire Service offers high-quality evaluations and services to repair and prevent further damage to your vehicle. You can trust me to reliably assess and repair your truck and trailer, so you can enjoy greater peace of mind and avoid costly unwanted surprises. So the next time that you need semi truck and trailer repair services in Phoenix, AZ, you now know where to turn to. For inquiries, dial (602) 296-9526!