We offer impeccable Trailer Repair services in Phoenix, AZ!

The Expert to Call for Quality Semi Trailer Service in Phoenix, AZ!

For many people, their truck is their livelihood, and maintaining it in excellent condition is a priority. That’s precisely what Jesse's Truck Repair and Tire Service is here to provide – efficient service and quality repairs offered at fair and competitive prices. My professional semi trailer service and all other offers are available to clients throughout the greater Phoenix, AZ area!

Available Services

Semi Trailer Service

Semi Trailer Service

Whether your semi-trailer is experiencing malfunctions or is simply due for maintenance, I’m ready to help. I offer comprehensive semi trailer repair services that can include checking the tires, lights, brakes, security mechanisms, making sure the trailer is lubricated, and more!

Emergency Tire Service

Emergency Tire Service

Although semi truck tires were made to be durable, it’s still possible for them to develop leaks and punctures or to get a flat tire on the road. I’m equipped to perform emergency tire repairs to help my clients get back on the road.

Semi Truck Repairs

Semi Truck Repairs

I offer complete semi truck repair services. This includes engine repairs, transmission issues, brakes, tires, all trailer-related problems, and much more. My services are fully mobile, so I can conduct all the work in my clients’ car park for greater customer convenience.

Engine Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics

Keeping your truck’s engine working properly is exceedingly important. I can perform accurate diagnostics and find the cause of any engine trouble. Rely on me to perform effective repairs, rebuilding, and timely maintenance. This way, you can keep your truck engines running smoothly!

Transmission Service

Transmission Service

If your truck is unable to switch gears, has a dragging clutch, is leaking fluids, making strange noises or burning smells, all of the above could be indicators of transmission issues. I can find the cause of the problem and deliver appropriate repairs!

Choose us for professional Semi Truck Tire Repair in Phoenix, AZ!

Keep Your Trucks in Great Condition

Your company’s semi-truck is a valuable and expensive piece of machinery. That’s why it’s highly advised to turn to a knowledgeable trailer repair expert that can deliver the level of service and quality you need. Timely maintenance and effective repairs of your vehicles will increase your driver’s safety, as well as that of your haul. Jesse's Truck Repair and Tire Service is prepared to work diligently on uncovering and fixing any and all types of malfunctions within a reasonable budget and timeframe. I can work with all models of semi-trucks and will always maintain very high standards of service!

Reliable Semi Truck Transmission Repair in Phoenix, AZ.

My Process

If my clients call for proper semi truck transmission repair or other important services, I always make sure that assistance is provided as soon as possible. I own modern equipment and quality tools that help me conduct efficient diagnostics and a wide range of repairs. Top-grade replacement parts are utilized whenever needed, to ensure lasting results and maintain the safety and integrity of the vehicle. I ensure timely results!

Call us for affordable Semi Truck and Trailer Repair in Phoenix, AZ!

For professional semi truck and trailer repair services that are certain to meet your requirements, book an appointment with Jesse's Truck Repair and Tire Service directly. I always look forward to ensuring quality results for my clients in Phoenix, AZ. Contact me today!

Client’s Testimonial

by William P. Austin on AZ-Jesse truck and trailer services
Prompt Response, Excellent Workmanship!

This mechanic is so fast. Really amazed by how he was able to respond to my call right away and provided me with excellent trailer repair when I needed it. Highly recommended, indeed!

Israel Nunez
Israel Nunez

Jesse's Truck Repair and Tire Service
Phoenix, AZ 85015
Phone: (602) 296-9526

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