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Most semi truck transmission systems are designed to be durable and hard-wearing. However, they can still deteriorate as they get exposed to daily wear and tear, which is why truck owners and operators can expect to run into transmission issues sooner or later. Fortunately, if these problems occur in your vehicle, you can turn to Jesse's Truck Repair and Tire Service for expert assistance! I offer professional semi truck transmission repair solutions in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas, and I can bring your vehicle’s transmission system back to excellent condition. Give me a call today!

Quality Semi Truck Transmission Repair

Signs That Your Transmission System Is on the Fritz

Gear switching issues are some of the first signs of transmission problems. If you’ve noticed that your gears are slipping, or if you find it difficult to switch your vehicle from one gear to another, you should have your transmission checked by experts ASAP. You’ll also want to call the pros if your truck is leaking transmission fluid and/or if you hear grinding, clunking, and thumping sounds (particularly when the vehicle isn’t in gear).

What Sets Me Apart

With a decade of experience as a semi-truck mechanic, I’ve developed advanced skills and expertise that allow me to quickly troubleshoot transmission issues and perform the required repairs. So, if you’ll get my help, you’re assured that your truck’s transmission system will be fixed in a fast and efficient way and that you can get back on the road within the shortest possible time.

I obtain all spare parts from trusted suppliers and dependable manufacturers that are known for their world-class product quality. This means that, if your transmission requires parts replacement, you’re assured that the old parts will be replaced with durable and high-quality components that will improve your transmission’s performance and can last for many years.

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