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Servicing your rig and trailers within your fleet is an important part of making sure that they last for years to come. But oftentimes, much of the focus is put onto the trucks, not the trailers. Semi trailer service and repair is vital for keeping your fleet healthy, customers happy, increasing uptime, and preventing costly problems down the road. However, trailer body damage happens frequently and could even be worse than it appears, even compromising the structural integrity and overall safety of the trailer.

Trailer body repair requires special equipment, tools, and most importantly, expertise. An experienced technician will investigate damages from every angle, considering all associated components to ensure safe and successful long-term repairs. From minor dents to complete rebuilds, the expert technicians can assist you with any trailer body repair. Remember that taking time to maintain and repair a semi-trailer is an investment in the future or your rig and your business.

Needless to say that receiving regular maintenance on any type of vehicle is important to preserving its usefulness and longevity. Semi-trailers are no different, and it also comes with some additional reasons to keep service up to date, including improved safety, compliance, increase in driveable hours, better fuel efficiency, and decrease in out of service time, to name a few. Routine trailer maintenance minimizes downtime and costly repairs. That’s why it’s important that a knowledgeable team can professionally identify minor problems before they become major road hazards.

If you need a commercial semi trailer service repair, have the equipment, or are considering purchasing a trailer or box truck that needs to be restored or modified to fit your particular use case, it’s best to contact Jesse's Truck Repair and Tire Service for more information. Their friendly, professional, and experienced team of trailer technicians can perform any task from paintings and even other minor repairs, to complete refurbishment and restoration. Customer representatives offer expert guidance to ensure that your trailer gets the service and repairs it needs to stay on the road. Contact today at (602) 296-9526 or visit their shop at Phoenix, AZ.