Advice from a Semi Trailer Repair Expert

Signs That Your Semi-Trailer Needs Repairs

Most semi-trailer trucks are designed and built to last for a long time but, despite their durability, they can still develop problems as they get exposed to wear and tear. The good news is that most truck issues can be fixed by semi trailer repair specialists! You’ll know that you have to call the pros if the following signs are present:

The check engine light is turned on.

Many people tend to ignore the check engine light, but you shouldn’t make the same mistake! Remember: a flashing check engine light can indicate a minor problem, but it can also be a sign that your truck has developed a major issue. So, as soon as you see this light flashing in your dashboard, you should bring your truck to a reliable expert so you’ll know what’s wrong and have it fixed right away.

Your truck is consuming more fuel than normal.

If you’ve been driving your truck for a while, you probably already have a rough idea of the amount of fuel that it consumes. So, unless you have recently changed your route and/or are ferrying heavier items, you must be suspicious if you have to refuel your truck more frequently. This is often a sign that your engine is working harder and consuming more fuel than normal, which is usually caused by worn-out engine components and other issues.

Your engine is making a lot of noise.

This is actually a serious sign that you should never ignore. Excessive engine noise often indicates that your engine is about to kick the bucket, which is why you should have it checked ASAP. Otherwise, your truck can experience complete engine failure, which is a more expensive and challenging issue to face.

If you notice any of these signs, get in touch with trailer repair specialists right away. Here in Phoenix, AZ, one of the best experts that you can trust is Jesse's Truck Repair and Tire Service. I offer professional semi trailer repair services to all truck owners and operators in the area. Get in touch with me now at (602) 296-9526 and schedule your appointment!